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There are so many wonderful blogs out there, and I just wanted to take a moment to mention some of my favorites to read. This is something I plan to do every so often, as I have plenty of blogs I enjoy.

Return to Rural from blogger TMC. I'm a relatively new reader as she kindly sent a contribution for my collection of birthday greetings for my soldier pen pal. She's a reader and a letter writer (like me) and a Tibetan Buddhist (something I don't know enough about).

Celina started (Not) So Single when she happened to be single, and now she's building a life in Utah with her Ethiopian husband, Adam. (Yes, they're LDS/Mormon.) She's a prolific poster and very entertaining.

Kwana Writes is the blog for author Kwana Minatee-Jackson. She happens to live in NYC, and my favorite member of her family is Jack, a Yorkie who looks a lot like my Rufus. Her twins, who just graduated from high school, are pretty cute, too! I like checking her blog when I need some encouragement because she seems like such a positive person in her postings.

Dana, my friend/pen pal in the Southeastern U.S., blogs at Save Snail Mail. Not only does she write about all sorts of great things related to letters, she also travels and shares her fantastic photos with blog readers. I admit to a twinge or two of envy when seeing the food and stationery shop photos from her recent trip to Paris. New Orleans did well on her blog, too. Sigh.

I'll share more in future postings. Any of your favorite blogs you want to share?


Claudia said…
I checked out Celina's blog and I think I will follow her,,,I like her story!
Claudia said…
I been meaning to tell you they got back to me at the orphanage and I have a pen pal! Her name is Jhoselyn, they said that all the kids had penpals but Jhoselyn was willing to have a second one! (that is me!) :)

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