This and That

"This used to be your blanket and pillow? Mine now!"

Muffin's looking a little scruffy in this photo, but I love the pose. She gets groomed on Friday, so I'll have to post a sleeker photo next week.

Anyone in the U.S. have special plans for the Fourth of July weekend? I'm taking a four-day weekend since my sister and her family from New Mexico are planning to be in Lincoln on Friday. We're also having a get-together to share fireworks and a potluck with some of our neighbors on Saturday. I think the actual Fourth might be a little quiet. I'm really excited about the four-day weekend, though.

I hope I get to enjoy the weekend because I have an emergency appointment with the dentist tomorrow morning. I have the absolute worst luck with my teeth. My mom and I brush and floss more than anyone I know, and we have so many problems with our teeth. I'm blaming genetics--and hoping Maya has Herb's teeth. The latest is a broken lower back tooth, and I'm just assuming from the way the tooth looks that this is a root canal/crown procedure in the making. Joy and thrills--pain and lots of money.


sapphireblue said…
I have to work, bummer!
Claudia said…
sorry to heat that about your tooth! dentist are a necessary evil! Best of luck!

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