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I always feel really weird when I go four or five days without posting. I wasn't as bothered this time, though, because I had a nasty round with either the flu or food poisoning. I felt so terrible that I couldn't even read or write letters (!), and I'm so glad that's over now. Kind of ironic to have chills and need a blanket on Monday when we hit 102 degrees Fahrenheit with the accompanying terrible humidity.

Maya's keeping busy this summer. For daycare, she swims on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, has a Great Stories reading time on Friday afternoons, and takes a field trip on Wednesday afternoons to various places, including a local park, the bowling alley, and the farm implement store. [I tease you not when I say the farm implement store tour is a major highlight for my city kid.] She also has swimming lessons after daycare four days a week. We also have our Saturday morning routine, including Barnes & Noble Story and Craft time and lunch at Granite City.

I'm sure August 16th and the start of second grade is going to come quickly!

Anyone else watching the NBA finals? I admit to rooting for the Mavericks more as a way to root against the Heat. I felt a bit bad for Cleveland with the *way* LeBron James left, though he certainly has the right to make his own employment/life choices. There's just something special about a local guy for a sports team, and then, when he leaves you while you're down, that hurts so much more. [Herb's voice is ringing in my head just as though he's beside me and reading what I wrote, "Honey, you just don't understand athletes and competition. This isn't about loyalty. He wants a championship, and he gave Cleveland plenty of time."]

How's your summer going?


The Pen Thief said…
I hate to say it, but I have to agree with your husband. Lebron wanted a ring..and Cleveland had their chance how many times? As a local to Cleveland I understand the frustration and even anger..but he made the decision for himself and the betterment of his career. I cannot fault him for that.
Willa said…
Hope you feel better :-)
sapphireblue said…
Glad you are feeling better. I haven't been watching the finals.
Claudia said…
I don't really watch sport unless its the Olympics or the soccer world cup so basically every tow years LOL!!! take care of yourself!
Limner said…
Hey, hope you're over the illness hump now. You have my empathy and sympathy.

I'm rooting for the Mavs, too, and it's sad to admit it, but I like the Heat. I just don't like LeBron. It's not so much not liking him as not liking . . . Okay, I don't know him personally, but I don't like him. Dwayne Wade, I like. Always have.

I believe a player should be loyal and try his best for the team and the fans who believed he'd give his all, and help win a ring and not go chasing after it with another team. Too bad LeBron bought into the hype. He actually believed he was king. Of what?

Oh, I like that sun kissed baby girl! :)

Be well!

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