Random Facts about Me

1. Herb and I are celebrating our fifteenth wedding anniversary today. We're having dinner somewhere to celebrate while Maya stays with my mom. If I could just think of somewhere really nice that we'll both enjoy. . . .

2. I used to think I was a romantic, but that either wasn't ever true or time/life changed me. When reading the "our anniversary" cards in a store the other day, I wanted to gag over each one. They all seemed to be along the lines of "my life would be nothing without you." Um, no. Where is the "we have our ups and downs, but thanks for being a big part of my life" section?

3. Maya dinged my heart this morning. This girl is extremely cuddly and loving, always wanting hugs and kisses good-bye and hello--in public or not, and I guess I started taking that for granted. When I left her at day three of summer daycare today, she moved away and said "you can go now" when I tried to hug her good-bye. Sigh.

Any random facts you want to share?


Claudia said…
Happy Anniversary! I am right behind I will be married 12 years this July!

Sophia is just like Maya always loving, but I really will have a broken heart when one day Xavi won't want a kiss and a hug in public! :(
sapphireblue said…
Happy Anniversary.

Interesting fact to share. Hubs and I eloped. We had no family in the area and no money.
Claudia said…
I got your Thank you card yesterday! Thanks, do let me know your choice of item! Have a nice weekend!
StephanieD said…
Congratulations of 15 years, wow!

I feel for you on #3 - I'm still smarting over the day my son would not let me kiss him in public. I cried all day (and still do at times) over that one.

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