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My friend and pen pal Claudia, easily one of the nicest people I have the good fortune to be a part of my life, has a fun blog and a wonderful Etsy shop, Moncy3.

If you like to write letters and cards, take a look at my lovely purchases from Claudia's shop. (And my mom would tell you that *everyone* needs some cards on hand to send a quick, thoughtful note. You really can make a difference by reaching out to someone with kind words.)

This is the beautiful wrapped package I found in my mail delivery. It felt like my birthday.

This is the content. Maya received the princess stationery for her birthday, and I've already used the camoflauge stationery with my soldier pen pals letters.

Claudia also holds a monthly drawing from shoppers at her site, with the lucky winner receiving the item of his/her choice, and we won for May! I say "we" because Maya is also pen pals with Claudia's daughter, who did the drawing, and Maya and I are convinced the pen pal friendship vibe caused her to draw my name.

I'll definitely be shopping at Claudia's Etsy site in the future, and I hope you give Moncy3 a look, too!


Claudia said…
Thank you for your kind words :)

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