Maya's Pierced Ears--June 25, 2011

Maya and I went to get her ears pierced at Claire's in a local mall on Saturday. She's so excited to have pierced ears.

This is Maya right after choosing the biggest, blingiest earrings for her piercing.

This is right as the woman is readying the "gun" to pierce her first ear.

Immediate reaction after having the first ear pierced. A couple of people in the mall walkway just outside the store dead-stopped at my not-quiet daughter's reaction.

Yes, it was worth the pain!


Claudia said…
OMG I totally can relate to Maya beauty is a pain. I love how you captured these special moments first she's excited, then she is afraid, then cries, the it's all worth it! She is a pretty girl!
GotThatSwing said…
I was always jelous about girls with earrings but my mum was against it. I pierced my ears when I was 15 and it was the best decision ever:)

Maya's earrings look great:) The moment of pain was worth it for sure:)
sapphireblue said…
Ouch! Glad she got over it pretty quickly though. What we women go through for beauty.
Anonymous said…
Oh, she's growing up! Now is the beginning of suffering for beauty...
Dana said…
This reminds me when I was young and I went to get my ears pierced. The lady did the first ear and it hurt so much I didn't let her do the other one! I ran around with a single earring for a while, it got infected and it became clear I wasn't ready to take care of them yet. I managed to get both ears pierced at some point...but yay for Maya for braving through the first time around!

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