Maya's Birthday Party--June 15, 2011

Maya declared this her "best party ever," and I can't disagree. Having the party on a weeknight meant she had the only birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese at the time, plus having the lowest number of people playing at CEC that I've ever seen. Perfect!

All of the girls.

Playing with Chuck E. Cheese and the hostess.

Singing Happy Birthday.

Waiting for ticket blaster to start.

The ticket blaster--and Maya--in action.

Herb's "game face."


Claudia said…
Chuck E Cheese is fun!
Anonymous said…
Happy Belated Birthday, Maya!

I had a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party once - but it didn't look as fun as Maya's. Maybe because it was for my 12th b-day. Funny how I just remembered that now; must have been a repressed memory.

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