Happy Birthday, Maya!

Maya is seven today. I know I say this every year, but how can she be seven already???

We had a rough start to her birthday. Maya is very fashion-oriented, with her own personal style, something I'm told is pretty common in the Gemini world. She chooses her own outfits, and any objections on my part usually involve when the clothing doesn't fit the projected weather for the day. Well, of course, today is the day she decided to wear her (very cute) rabbit pony tail holders as ankle bracelets. Creative, yes, though too tight, so I vetoed the plan. I should have filmed the waterworks and resulting march up the block on a mission to walk to Grandma's house to live with her.

Sigh. I hope the rest of her day is going better! Mine certainly is.

We're celebrating with a couple of her friends tonight, so expect some photos tomorrow.


sapphireblue said…
Oh! Happy birthday!
Keli said…
Happy Birthday Maya!! How many birthday cards did she get from us today? Shon and I mailed them from 2 differant places yesterday!
Claudia said…
Hope you guys had a had a great celebration yesterday!

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