Do You Exchange Mail with Someone in Canada?

When Maya and I stopped at our local post office this morning, a friendly woman I've never seen before happened to be working at the counter. She said, "I don't know whether you send mail to Canada [yes, I do], but I wanted to warn you that they notified us they aren't sending or accepting any mail as of Monday [June 20] until further notice."

I missed this report from CNN regarding the lockout of workers as of Wednesday, citing the loss of $100 million from twelve days of rolling strikes.

I'm not taking a stand on the strike and resulting lockout due to lack of personal knowledge about the situation, though I definitely lean in favor of the rights of the workers in most situations. Cutting health and pension benefits when the system is generating a profit seems, well, odd.

And, to my Canadian friends who are as into snail mail as I am, I wish you the best of luck with your mail withdrawal symptoms. I feel your pain.


Cindy said…
I missed that report. This lock out/strike has been brutal no mail in a while not sure when they will be going back. I miss my snail mail :(
sapphireblue said…
I do hope the workers get their benefits.
Leesh said…
Yes it sucks. No mail going in or out of Canada. I hope you got the package I sent to you for the summer must have swap. I sent it way before the strike.
Wanda said…
The mail strike in Canada is over! And my mailbox is just full of bills.....hope to hear from you soon! The news said today that altho' the strike has beenover for a week, they are still catching up on backlogs. My Dad just received his Fathers day card today, and it was mailed over a month ago!

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