Darkness Dawns by Dianne Duvall

Even if you're a fan who feels the paranormal romance subgenre is saturated at this point, I hope you give Darkness Dawns (2011), the first book in the Immortal Guardians series from Dianne Duvall, a try. If you enjoy strong female characters and dialogue with wit, you should appreciate this book.

Sarah knows nothing about immortals or vampires (yep, the vamps are the bad guys in this one) until she saves a stranger in the woods near her North Carolina home who is staked and being tortured. For his part, Roland is an emotionally-scarred, 937-year-old loner, one definitely not looking for a relationship, even with an attractive human who saved his life.

An excerpt from page 60, before Sarah knows anything about immortals, vampires, and their war, with immortals doing their best to protect humans from vampires:

She [Sarah] swallowed. "You think they're going to come back."

He [Roland] nodded. "And since you're the only person nearby, they'll draw the obvious conclusion that you were the one who helped me."

That's what she had feared. "What should I do?"

He hesitated, as though waging some internal debate. "Pack a bag. You can stay with me until this is all sorted out."

Marcus' [another immortal and Roland's friend] mouth fell open. "What?"

Roland frowned belligerently, "She'll be safe with me."

"You never let anyone stay with you. I don't stay with you. I don't even know where you live, and I've known you freakin' forever."

"Well, I'm sure as hell not going to let her stay with you. You're dangerous to be around."

Learn more about the Immortal Guardians series at the author's site here. According to the site, the second book in the series, Night Reigns, is due in December 2011. I'll certainly be reading that one, too.

My overall personal rating of Darkness Dawns is a B+.


Dana said…
Your post inspired me to get this on my kindle. I was looking for something like this for summer reading. Thanks!

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