When You Dare by Lori Foster

Take just a minute to enjoy the eye candy of the cover for Lori Foster's When You Dare (2011). Not too shabby, right?

While conducting a solo raid into Mexico to save his friend's sister from sex trafficking, Dare Macintosh also finds Molly Alexander. For the first time in his mercenary career, Dare doesn't have smoeone to turn a rescued woman over to because they agree that something different is behind the kidnapping of Molly.

Who wants this small town, romantic suspense author out of the way?

Alpha male Dare does a pretty fantastic job of living up to the promise of the cover. Molly, on the other hand, just doesn't quite fit what I hoped. She's a little too bland and a little too calm about her life being thrown into complete chaos. I can definitely understand Dare's attraction for Molly; I'm just not really getting why Molly appeals so much to Dare.

The suspense in the story also isn't exactly suspenseful. Right from when Molly starts telling Dare about the people close to her in hopes of identifying suspects, there's a pretty clear indication of where the "mystery" portion of the story is likely heading.

This is the first book in the Edge of Honor Series. Learn more at the author's site here. (And, yes, I think this cover is the best of the three, as shown on Foster's site.)

My overall personal rating of When You Dare is a B-.


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