Kidnapped for Christmas by Evangeline Anderson

If you're looking for an entertaining erotic romance read, Evangeline Anderson's Kidnapped for Christmas (2008) is definitely worth a look.

Jillian can hardly believe her sister Sabrina arranged to have herself kidnapped in order to experience some of her fantasies. Imagine how much more surprised she is to find herself taken in her sister's place due to a case of mistaken identity, despite being a size 18 to Sabrina's size 3. When Jillian finally has the opportunity to explain the mistake to her "kidnapper," does she even really want to?

Doing a fantasy kidnapping job as a favor for his brother, Kyle is more than a little surprised to find himself very attracted to the client. Despite being bound by a very clear set of rules outlined in the contract, how far will he actually allow the situation to go?

I'll save you from my usual rant about the cover model obviously being a long way from a size 18. That's really my one criticism of the book, which is a fun, light read with two interesting leads.

My overall personal rating of Kidnapped for Christmas is a B+.


I would like to read this book if you have not already sent if off...

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