It's a Small World

I really believe we're all inter-connected in this world, and the more we can learn about each other, the better for all of us.

I want to direct you to some of my favorite blogs today. Sort of my effort to say, "Whatever some people may do to cause divisions and rifts, we're still all one people living on one little planet in the universe."

Dana over at Save Snail Mail, one of my new pen pals, has some great posts right now on her recent trip to France. I'll warn you that you're going to want some Italian gelato or a French pastry or twelve after looking at her photos!

Got that Swing's Letters and Ramblings
, a blogger out of Poland, shares her artistic talent and tidbits about her culture. You can even enter a giveaway for some envelopes she made right now.

A Thousand Miles from Nowhere is by an American blogger who happened to be living and working in Japan at the time of the recent devastation. She's now in Australia for a year.

Stories from Mexico is by the artist Kiki. I can't help smiling when I look at the vibrant colors in the artwork featured on her blog.

Claire from England over at My Little Life was my partner in a postcard swap. You can't even imagine how thrilled Maya was when the postcards arrived in an envelope with a Queen Elizabeth II postage stamp on Saturday!

Star of Davida is from a young American Jewish feminist finding her way in the world and her religion.

An American's time in Costa Rica is recreated in A View from the Cottage.

And last, but certainly not least, one of my favorite (and often-mentioned) blogs, One Tiny Starfish. Canadian Nikki covers a lot of the world in her various travels to work with children in need.

Any blogs you want to share?


Claudia said…
You know who I love??...Micaela over at

She was my first reader...
DB said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dana said…
You follow some really wonderful blogs! Thanks so much for sharing them. They were creative and inspiring and led me down the rabbit hole of the internet for a very happy hour!

Thanks for sharing my blog, too!
GotThatSwing said…
Thank you for sharing my blog and some other lovely ones which I enjoyed reading (as well as yours:))

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