Graduation Weekend--May 21-22, 2011

My sister Laura and her daughter/my niece Liz at Liz's high school graduation party.

My nephew Andrew with Maya before heading to Liz's graduation ceremony.

Maya taking Liz's photo before graduation.

Maya & Liz just after graduation. I love the way Liz is looking at Maya.

Andrew's girlfriend Misty, Andrew, and Maya after graduation.


Claudia said…
Yay! graduations are here! congratulations to your niece...good example for Maya! Hope your having a nice Monday!
StephanieD said…
Ypur niece is lovely. Congratulations to her! I also adore that loving look she's giving Maya.
sapphireblue said…
Congratulations on the graduation.
Liz is such a stunning girl. I love Maya in the cap. Again, your daughter looks like Liz. Andrew is a good looking kid too.

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