Giving Back

First of all, an update on the cards I have for my soldier pen pal, Gordon.

1. Claudia, my great new pen pal/friend and a blogger at Moncy3. I also have photos of my recent order from one of her adorable Etsy shops to share in a future post.

2. TMC, a blogger at Return to Rural. A card from a stranger and a new blog for me to enjoy--bonus! She has a great recent post about the awkwardness/anxiety that comes with the start of a new pen pal relationship, too.

It's definitely not too late to get a card in the mail to me for him. Just drop me a line at if you need my mailing address.

I'm also happy to report that Maya is getting a gift she's going to love for her birthday next month because I made the high bid for the dandelion scrabble tile art pendant over at All 4 Alabama. They continue to add great new auctions daily, and the money all goes to helping recover and rebuild after the recent tornado-related disaster.

What's new and fun in your world?


sapphireblue said…
Ugh! Note to self: Send you that card!! I've had a houseguest all week, so my world is a little off kilter.
Claudia said…
glad you got it! it was on my shopping list...but I always loose shopping lists so it too me a while!

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