All 4 Alabama

Crystal over at the Life, Love, and Literature blog is part of the All 4 Alabama Tornado Disaster Relief Auctions. They're going to need a lot of assistance to rebuild, and this is one way those of us too far away to volunteer our physical assistance can help.

There are some absolutely wonderful items available, including manuscript critiques and signed books. I have my eye on a cool dandelion scrabble art pendant for Maya.

They're on Day 2 of the auction, with different items becoming available each day. Individual auctions remain open for five days.

And, as noted on Crystal's blog:

Also, if you make a purchase at ANY Barnes & Noble or on their website from 5/7-5/14 and you use bookfair #1048605, 10% of sales using this code go to the United Way's West AL tornado relief.

(Crystal has a warm, friendly blog, the kind that makes you think you know her personally. She's also making me the coolest bookmarks for the members of my book group, but that's a story for a future posting.)


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