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Quick comments on the Royal Wedding--Lovely couple. Perfect dress. Dream wedding. I just know the kids riding in the carriage with Prince Harry were saying, "Yeah! We get to hang out with Harry!" Mazel tov to the happy couple.

If you watched either live or the highlights later, what did you think?

I think I'll "need" to do some online shopping later to get my hands on a few wedding postcards for Maya. . . . Let me know if anyone runs across anything wonderful, please.

I'm considering going back to school. My local public university has a completely online program a friend told me about where I could get my teaching certificate while earning a master's degree in consumer science.

One of the stumbling blocks? I'm not sure who to ask for letters of recommendation since I certainly haven't kept in touch with any of my former professors, and I'm not sure how many people I want to know where I currently work since the degree isn't something I could use there. Always something. . . .

The husband's heading off to South Carolina on Tuesday for a week. His mother turns 75 on May 5, and almost all of his siblings plan to gather for a family party and a community party in her honor. Unfortunately, the oldest of the nine "children" in the family isn't attending. Herb's looking forward to some time at the place he considers home.

What's new with you?


sapphireblue said…
I absolutely loved her dress! The couple was so cute! Those little bridesmaids, adorable!

Goodluck with school. I'm doing online too.
Anonymous said…
I've only seen photos, no footage of the ceremony. Am I the only one who thought it was going to be tomorrow???? In my defense, I've been busy reading :)

I thought she looked perfectly lovely and the dress was a modern, sleeker version of Grace Kelly's amazing wedding gown.

Yay for going back to school!!!
steph said…
i haven't got the chance to watch the live telecast but it's all over the news and blogs! love the gown too, especially the intricate lace details. brings out the beauty of the dress :)
Keli said…
Dad and I watched Highlights the day after, and it was lovely. I really liked her dress, but kept commenting on how RELAXED they looked.

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