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I know I'm posting the poll a bit late, but I'm curious to know everyone's thoughts on the Royal Wedding. Maya is so excited because (she thinks) she really wants to be a princess. Since the wedding is on at 3 a.m. our time, she's going to have to "make do" with watching the taped version later in the morning. A lot of other people I know are sick of hearing about the wedding and can't wait until everything's done. Please cast your vote, and feel free to leave a comment explaining your vote.

I love comments!!

If the weather cooperates, I'm thinking about taking Maya to the Nebraska Renaissance Faire this weekend. We haven't been in previous years, and this looks like something fun for us to try. Now, if I can just convince Herb to come with us!

Any special plans for the weekend on your end?


Claudia said…
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Claudia said…
Hi Maria, my mom says she will be up at 3:00 am to watch the wedding, I remember watching Lady D's wedding! This time not too interested! I'll watch it later~

Hope your weather cooperates so you can have your fun! I send hugs your way!
DB said…
I'm recording the broadcast so I can see the highlights and fast forward through the drivel. Seems worth seeing just for the novelty of it. And I'm an Anglophile, so it feels a bit obligatory!
sapphireblue said…
I'll probably be up with the baby at that time so I will watch it.
Anonymous said…
All I really care about is the dress, which I'm sure will be fabulous. The Prince is...meh. I've got my eye on wild Harry.
Cindy said…
Maria, as a Canadian I have to admit that we love the royal family. I remember watching Di's wedding so of course I will be watching not live but taping it because honestly I am too tired to get up that early but if I happen to wake up I will watch it live.

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