Muffin Photos by Maya

Here are a couple of photos Maya snapped of Muffin at the park on Saturday. We were there for two hours, and Muffin wisely went under the park bench whenever she needed to rest and take a break from the heat. [We hit a record high for an April 9th in Lincoln of 90 degrees Fahrenheit, beating the previous record of 89 set in 1930. Some records you don't really want to break!]

I call this one Up Close and Personal.


sapphireblue said…
Poor doggie looks a little hot.
Claudia said…
I totally understand! That type or record you don't want to break!
Not to worry--Maya snapped the photos right before we left, and we had plenty of water for her. :0)
StephanieD said…
90 degrees, wow! It was a windy but sunny 64 degrees in San Francisco.

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