Hotter than Wildfire by Lisa Marie Rice

Hotter than Wildfire (2011), the second book in Lisa Marie Rice's Protectors series, is my latest read.

The Protectors are three foster brothers in security work who run a special, very personal service on the side where they assist women in serious trouble. Ellen, who needs them because she's on the run from a previous boss who stole money from the United States government, finds them through one of the abused women they helped in the past.

Harry, scarred from watching his mother and younger sister killed by one of his mother's abusive boyfriends as a child and from his experiences in Afghanistan, is exactly what Ellen needs.

We see quite a bit of Sam and Nicole, the leads from the first book in the series, Into the Crossfire, in this story, and the ending gives a significant look at what's coming for the third brother, Mike, in the next book.

I'm a Rice fan, but I have to say this Protectors series doesn't come close to approaching the quality of the Midnight series. They just don't have the same edgy, quick flow as, particularly, Midnight Man.

If you're interested, you can read a pretty substantial portion of the beginning of the book at the HarperCollins site here.

My overall personal rating of Hotter than Wildfire is a B.


sapphireblue said…
That's a pretty hot cover!
I agree, sapphireblue, but the sex scenes in the book don't really match the steam of the cover.

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