Hazel Abel Park on April 3, 2011

Maya and I went to see Hazel Abel Park, the place in Lincoln where Herb and I, along with many other couples over the years, had our wedding ceremony in 1996. The Parks & Rec Department for the city recently renovated Hazel Abel Park, and I wanted to see the changes. Some were good; some were disappointing--just like everything in life with change, I suppose.

Maya's pronouncement, "This is a boring park, but a nice place to get married."

The park gate with the new playground equipment in the background.

The view of the top of the Nebraska State Capitol Building from inside the park.

The gazebo where we stood with the minister during the wedding ceremony.

A close-up of Maya in the gazebo.


sapphireblue said…
Awww! That's where you got married! Sweet!
The Pen Thief said…
Maya looks so precious!!
Claudia said…
That is indeed a beautiful place to get married! I got your letter on Saturday! ;)

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