Greg Mortenson

Has anyone read Greg Mortenson's Three Cups of Tea or heard him speak? What did you think? And, if you saw the 60 Minutes item on Sunday night or read some of the subsequent print media coverage, has your opinion in any way changed?

You can watch the 60 Minutes piece, where Mortenson's honesty and integrity, both in terms of the accuracy of his book and the way his charity spends the donated money, is questioned, on the CBS site here.

Stories are pretty much everywhere, so I'm just going to link to a story in my local paper's current edition about a nearby college wondering whether they want Mortenson to still speak there.

Three points that bother me the most--(1) the potential that aid received isn't actually getting to the children in Afghanistan and Pakistan to provide them with an education, (2) the potential for the American military, every one of whom deployed to Afghanistan is required to read this book, to be basing decisions on inaccurate information provided by Mortenson, and (3) the fact that people are even more hesitant to give to charitable causes, some of which are doing invaluable work, when they hear stories like this one.

What do you think?


sapphireblue said…
This is why people are hesitant to give to charity. He should be flying coach to get to his appearences.
Anonymous said…
I haven't read the book although I've been feeling ashamed about it...until now. I've downloaded Jon Krakauer's expose on Mortenson and so far it is not looking good.

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