Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner

Have you ever had a book on your bookcase for what seems like forever, and you're absolutely positive you've read the book, only to discover you haven't when you start to "re-read" the book? That happened to me with Jennifer Weiner's Goodnight Nobody (2005).

Kate Klein *should* be someone I find interesting because she's living the life she never exactly expected herself to live. Mother to three children, including a set of twins, born unintentionally close together (nothing like going to a delayed post-birth check only to learn you're pregnant again), and not exactly fitting in with the other moms in the Connecticut her husband moved the family to after a stroller jacking in the city, Kate isn't very comfortable in her own skin.

Then one of the other moms is killed--and Kate finds the body. Suddenly, all of her skills as a former journalist go into overdrive. With a little help from charming, snarky best friend Janie and not-all-that-interesting, though he's supposed to be, ex-crush Evan, who Kate hasn't ever gotten over, Kate's on a mission to identify the killer.

Some of the dialogue is entertaining, and I could have used much, much more of Janie. The overall book--and Kate, in particular--just didn't hold my attention very well, though.

My overall personal rating of Goodnight Nobody is a C+.


Claire said…
i hate it when it's the other way around, i buy a book and then discover ive read it, they've just changed the cover! grrrr
sapphireblue said…
I went through a binge of reading Agatha Christie, so much so that I forgot which ones I have already read. I have three on my shelf right now. One I know I haven't read, but not sure about the other two.

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