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The New York Times has a review of the new Jane Eyre movie, which I'm really looking forward to seeing. My favorite line from the review is really referencing the book:

She [Jane] is brave, humble, spirited and honest, the kind of person readers fall in love with and believe themselves to be in their innermost hearts, where literary sympathy lies.

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Going through a bit of a "be careful what you wish for" phase at the moment. Along with wondering if you still have the "right" to complain about a situation if you don't take advantage of potential opportunities to get away from said situation.

Or maybe I'm just suffering from sleep deprivation since Maya and my husband are both sick with the flu. Of course, the crabby bear of a husband is a much more demanding patient than the six-year-old!

How's everything with you?


Claudia said…
So sorry to hear Maya and your husband are sick! I feel for you men are such babies when they're sick! lol!
sapphireblue said…
That is one of my favorite books of all time. I like the version of Jane Eyre that had William Hurt. I'm very curious to see the new movie. Although I don't know that I would imagined her as Jane Eyre.
StephanieD said…
I hope that Maya and your husband get better soon ... and that you don't catch the flue from them!
Thanks for the well wishes for Maya and my husband. They seem to be all back to normal, and, so far, I'm staying well. (Jinx!)

@sapphireblue--No, I really wouldn't have cast her as Jane Eyre, either, though the clips running around the Web look pretty good. I'm anxious to see the full movie. We'll have to compare thoughts!

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