Save the USPS--Write a Letter

To say that finding a piece of personal mail on mail delivery days is one of my life's greatest joys is absolutely the truth, and I'm worried about the health of the USPS and how much longer I'll have that daily joy to look forward to.

An alarming factoid from an announcement in my local paper about the upcoming closure of one of our post offices:

Mail volume nationally has declined by nearly 33 billion pieces in the past two years.

Already in financial trouble prior to this decline, the postal system is bleeding heavily now.

What can you do? Write a letter, send a card, or drop a postcard in the mail every week.

Need ideas?

Get creative with some construction paper and glue; seriously, people these days know handmade takes time, and, therefore, equals love.

Send a local postcard to someone who moved away from home.

Have everyone in the office sign a card for a co-worker in need of a pick-me-up, on medical leave, or celebrating something new and wonderful in his/her world.

Let your older family member know one of your favorite memories involving her/him.

Buy a cute, sweet, or funny 99-cent card and just sign your name.

Grab a sheet of blank paper and let someone from your past know how much s/he meant to you.

Send a young loved one a sheet of stickers.

Describe a favorite book or movie or place or whatever you think a friend might also enjoy.

Join a site like Postcrossing and send a postcard to a random, assigned stranger.

Request this blogger's address and send me your favorite quotes. (I know; I'm shameless. Shameless, but sincere.)

The possibilities are endless, and everyone loves being remembered and finding something besides flyers and bills in the mailbox. Everyone.


sapphireblue said…
It's interesting that all the junk mail doesn't sustain them. I, like so many, have switched to online bank statements and bills. I pay everything online. Receiving letters is awesome! So is sending them, like to my penpal :0)
Claudia said…
Here's my two cents:

-I have a new pen pal! :)
-I joined postcrossing!
-My daughter age 9 and two nieces ages 11 and 5 just started a traveling journal we each live 1 1/2 hrs away from each other and they love it when they receive the journal via USPS
-pretty mail is my business
Anonymous said…
I send almost all my bills through the mail - don't like online accounts. And I still love sending postcards.
heidenkind said…
I used to write letters all the time, but now... not so much. I agree that it is extra-special when you receive an actual piece of mail these days!
Wanda said…
First, terrific blog!
Second, here is how to participate in the mail system.
You can also join "send something" (Free) at and search for someone with a common interest or a random address and drop a note in the mail for them, or send a goodie(stickers, seed packet, drawing,etc). I like origami and send a piece that I have made along with a letter. It is fun and most people will reply. Make sure you check to see if they have recently updated their address as there are some old addresses on there.
Now for blatent promotion...if you search my name 'Wanda D', you can send me something and I promise to mail you a letter in return....and some origami!

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