Random Facts about Me

I always enjoy when bloggers I read provide a little insight into their lives and personalities by sharing random thoughts or pieces of trivia.

Since I enjoy reading those kinds of posts, I should probably do my own, right?

So welcome to my first posting of Random Facts about Me. I don't really have a schedule in mind, so I'll just plan to make these postings with approximately five bits of information about me when the mood strikes.

And feel free to share your own random facts about yourself in the blog comments. I'd love learning more about you, too!

1. I don't eat hamburger alone or in anything.

2. If a native Spanish speaker says my first name (Maria) unexpectedly to get my attention, I don't respond because it just doesn't sound like my name to me.

3. Maya is a "surprise baby" because Herb and I planned not to have kids. Herb's mom actually thought he was kidding when he called to tell her about the pregnancy! And now my life basically revolves around Maya, so that just proves "life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."

4. I love quotes.

5. One of my current pet peeves is the places who are conducting "pre-interviews." Then, by the time you complete the "pre-interview," you're wondering what questions can possibly be left for an actual interview. Ugh. The hiring process is a mess!!

Anything you want to share?


Claudia said…
I love knowing about your facts!

So then I have to get the RRR English sound correct in order for you to respond! My husband makes fun of me because my maiden name is RamiRez so he would make the RRR English sound to tease me!

# 3 Wonderful surprise your daughter Maya!!...I won't lie to you out of 11 yrs of marriage I spent most of those years trying to get pregnant :( We just left in in God's good hands!
Anonymous said…
#2 is a very interesting fact about you, I guess because you're been hearing your name a certain way?

#3 - What a wonderful, life-changing surprise to have. Can you imagine your life any other way?

Thank you for sharing these random facts about yourself!

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