I Won!

I'm so excited that I won a free book from StephanieD at Misfit Salon. Whoot!

What book would you have chosen from the list here? (I selected The Postmistress, though it wasn't an easy decision!)

And, while you're there checking over the list of books, look through the rest of her postings if you aren't already a fan. Misfit Salon is absolutely one of the best blogs out there--and not just of the book blogs, but blogs in general. I've raved about StephanieD's blog before, so don't think that I can be bought for the price of fun mail, either!

Hope you're also having a winning week.


sapphireblue said…
That's probably what I would have chosen.
StephanieD said…
Oh, geez! Can I hire you as a publicist??? Or just all around feel-good person?

Thank you for these sweet compliments - you've made the rain go away!

Claudia said…
Congrats of winning!

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