Maya and I had the chance to see Beastly, the movie based on the book from Alex Flinn with the same name, which I haven't read, on Sunday.

Starring Alex Pettyfer as Kyle/the "beast" and Vanessa Hudgens as Lindy/the "beauty," the movie also includes Mary-Kate Olsen as the witch, Neil Patrick Harris as a blind tutor, Lisa Gay Hamilton as the maid, and Peter Krause as the shallow father of the "beast." Decent cast, yet the movie just doesn't quite gel for an audience past the age of, say, 13.

There just isn't anything new or exciting in this adaptation of my favorite fairy tale. Yes, we have the chance to learn more about the parents of the main characters, and the "beauty" and the "beast" meet while he's still a handsome young man. And we're certainly given cause to think the "witch" did Kyle a big favor with her curse.

Frankly, I'm not a fan of animated children's movies, and I'd still rather watch the Disney version any day.

Maya on Monday: "Did you think that boy in the movie was cute?"
Maria: "Yes, he's cute. I actually liked him better without his hair, though."
Maya, after a long, serious pause: "No, I like the hair, but the person is what counts, right?"


sapphireblue said…
I really enjoyed "Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast" by Robin McKinley. It is my favorite version of the story. It's great young adult fiction. I think you would really like it.
Claudia said…
That looks like something my daughter would like!
Anonymous said…
It sounds like Maya embodies the true Beauty in Beauty and the Beast :)
@sapphireblue--It's definitely my favorite fairy tale, and I've heard good things about the McKinley version. :)

@Claudia--I think she's the perfect age to enjoy the movie!

@StephanieD--I'm biased, but I think so, too! LOL

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