This and That

It's official--Borders just filed for bankruptcy.

I've been busy with some re-reading lately, so not a lot to blog about in terms of books at the moment.

Maya and I enjoyed the special Valentine's Day story and craft time at one of our local Barnes & Noble locations on Saturday morning. We listened to three picture books before Maya learned how to make a cute bee valentine from construction paper and an empty toilet paper roll.

I'm also finally getting Maya started more on reading chapter books, so we bought enough books to double her in-home collection. She prefers the picture books still because we can get through multiple books in a short time. We usually only read two or three chapters in one sitting.

What have you been doing lately?


sapphireblue said…
The Borders that is close to my house is on the list of closures. Sigh! The closest Barnes N' Noble is 20 miles away. Well, maybe there will be some good clearance sales. Still I'm sad about it.
Anonymous said…
The Borders nearest to where I live isn't closing - miraculously! But 3 stores in San Francisco are?!
Claudia said…
Thanks for the visit! I know, our next stop looking for the cows will probably be the meat department!! My daughter is in third grade and she loves to read! Nice weekend!

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