Sweet Caroline by Lissa Matthews

[Full disclosure: This is something I borrowed through BookLending.com, formerly Kindle Lending Club, so read for free.]

Sweet Caroline by Lissa Matthews (2010) is the first in the Blue Jeans and Hard Hats series--and probably the last for this reader to explore.

After twenty years of living the swinger lifestyle with her now-ex-husband, Caroline finally decides to assert her independence and move ahead with the life she wants to live. Part of her life change involves getting her marital home ready to sell, and that brings an opportunity to Buck, a contractor who is willing to pretend to be "only" a handyman in order to spend time with Caroline.

Maybe I'm projecting too much "real life" into a fictional book, but I could have used a stronger Caroline. She rushed into a sexual relationship, one where she's the submissive yet again, really soon after being divorced from a controlling, creepy older husband. Yes, Buck's a much nicer guy than her ex-husband, but why the rush to have another relationship when she could use some time to understand herself better?

Warning: The sex scenes are very graphic and D/S.

My overall personal rating of Sweet Caroline is a C.


Anonymous said…
The guy on the cover is creeping me out - those veins look like they're ready to burst.
How sad is this? I didn't really look closely enough at the cover until reading your comment. You're absolutely right, though--scary!!

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