Muffin & Allie

Poor Allie. Someone needs to remind her that she's a big, bad Rottweiler, and she doesn't have to let a little dog rule the roost.

Yep, there's Shih tzu Muffin (a) sitting on Allie and (b) imitating Allie's favorite pose while sitting on her chair.


Claudia said…
Allie must have a good humble heart! ...sometimes small can be intimidating!
StephanieD said…
Muffin's one tough cookie! And Allie seems like a sweetie. It's great though that they get along.
We think laid-back Allie pretty much lets the little dog in her life (first our late Yorkie Rufus and now Muffin) think s/he runs the show until the situation becomes urgent. By "urgent" I mean involving access to food or defending territory from strangers. Then Allie can be ferocious!
Micaela said…
they are the cutest!!! i've missed you in my world... i hope your lovely family are well xo

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