The Journey by Ida Fink

The Journey by Ida Fink, translated by Joanna Weschler and Francine Prose,(Polish edition in 1990, English edition in 1992) is riveting.

Two Jewish Polish sisters survive the Holocaust through good luck, the help of strangers and friends, and having the quick wits to make decisions in tight situations, including reinventing themselves and going through three name changes. Throughout this life-changing journey, they stay together, knowing they will live or die as one.

Although written as fiction, I can't believe Fink didn't base this work on her own experiences during the Holocaust and from what she learned while recording other survivors' testimonies for Yad Vashem.

My overall personal rating of The Journey is a B+.


sapphireblue said…
That looks like an interesting book. Will have to put that on my list.

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