True Grit

My mom, Maya, and I finally made it to see the 2010 True Grit on Saturday. I heard glowing reports about the movie from several people, and I've heard a lot of buzz for an Academy Award for Jeff Bridges being likely.

I also went in expecting to love the movie. Jeff Bridges is, after all, a true actor. John Wayne, frankly, always played John Wayne, regardless of the role. John Wayne as a movie star? Yes. As an actor? Not so much. My dad loved John Wayne movies (along with Charles Bronson and Old School Clint Eastwood), and I'm sure I've seen every movie Wayne ever made more than once, leaving me feeling pretty secure in that personal assessment.

Imagine my shock to spend the entire movie wishing to be at home catching an AMC run of the original 1969 True Grit. The new version just didn't carry the same weight. Even the "bad guys" are a sorry lot, more than anything else. What's up with that?

Mental note for future reference: Westerns are probably not the best movies to take a horse-loving six-year-old to see. Maya's take on the entire movie can be summarized as follows, "He should have let the girl die and saved the horse." Okay, I admit that I didn't feel terribly attached to this version's female lead, either, but not to that extent!

Have you seen one or both movie versions and/or read the book? What did you think?


Anonymous said…
"He should have let the girl die and saved the horse." - Oh, Maya! I laughed, but I shouldn't have. That kid is too funny.
heidenkind said…
I have to admit I've never seen either movie. My family is more of a Sound of Music group. But one of my professors was so excited about this movie he showed the preview in class.
sapphireblue said…
I wonder how the movie would do if there weren't an old version to compare it to? The old movie is great, but haven't seen the new one.
@StephanieD--She was so earnest and annoyed, but, yes, funny comment.

@heidenkind--Too hilarious that you should mention The Sound of Music. I don't appreciate musicals, and I suspect it's entirely because my sister chose my name from TSOM and West Side Story.

@sapphireblue--I suspect you're on to something there because my friends who raved about this version haven't seen the original version (or read the book--I don't know anyone who has read the book). And I'd *probably* like this version better if I hadn't seen the original.

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