Conversation between my husband and me on Saturday:

Me: "So, we're watching Carson Daly's New Year's show from Times Square, and he says the greatest living rapper is coming out next. Guess who it was?"

Herb: "Eminem."

Me: "No."

Herb: "Jay-Z?"

Me: "No."

Herb: "Who?"

Me: "Lil Wayne."

Herb: "Oh, hell no!"

Me: "I know! I kept waiting for Eminem to come out and push him off the stage, but no such luck."

So that's the reason for my latest poll question on the sidebar. And, since it's a little hard to read, here it is:

The greatest LIVING rapper is:
Lil Wayne
Snoop Dogg
I don't know and couldn't care less

Thanks for participating!


heidenkind said…
What about Kanye? I thought he was voice of our generation! ;)
Anonymous said…
All good choices. Eminem is certainly the most provocative - in fact I'm humming I love the way you lie in my head at the moment. He's brutally honest and that touches me, even if he's a misogynist - but then a lot of rappers are. But then I like Jay-Z too. Hmmm, gotta think about this one...
LOL, heidenkind! I almost wanted to switch to being a Baby Boomer when I first heard that remark.

I went with three I could see making a case for being the best rapper (sorry, Kanye), and then added Lil Wayne *only* because he was the one described as such.

StephanieD--Eminem is my choice, though I definitely agree with you that his troubled relationships with his mother and ex-wife/children's mother color the treatment of all women in his songs. Jay-Z has mad skills, but I'm not a fan. :)

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