Precious and Fragile Things by Megan Hart

If you're a fan of Megan Hart's usual writings (erotica), Precious and Fragile Things (2010) may not be the book for you. Erotica quotient here equals zero. Dark story of a modern woman losing herself under the ever-present demands of her life taken by a stranger with whom she forms an unusual bond is a quotient of ten.

p.20-21 of the NookBook:

Tonight a man had held her at knifepoint and threatened to take away that tomorrow with its lists and chores and demands. If nothing else, no matter what else happened, how things turned out, Gilly would not have to heave her weary body out of bed and force herself to get through one more day. If she was really unfortunate, and a glance at the twitching young man beside her told her she might be, she might never have to get out of bed again.

The thought didn't scare here as much as it should have.

Hart creates a Gilly I can completely relate to in this story, but I didn't feel the "young man" (Todd) reached the same full creation. The ending, which I wouldn't reveal about any book, also disappointed this reader greatly.

My overall personal rating of Precious and Fragile Things is a B-.


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