Planet X by Evangeline Anderson

Planet X by Evangeline Anderson (2006) is a science fiction/erotic romance from my TBR pile that I'm wondering why I waited so long to read.

Krisa Elyison is heading from finishing school (read: The Obedient Arranged Bride Academy) to join her future husband, someone who has bought paid for the privilege of her hand in marriage and her virginity. Kurt Teague is a former slave and current prisoner blindfolded and manacled on board the same starship.

What happens when Teague causes their spaceship to crash-land on a wild planet filled with a race of cannibals and hungry predators (like big cats) with psychic powers? Can Krisa trust Teague, someone known for this "knife work" during the murders he committed, to keep her alive and return her to her future husband? And will either of them ever be the same after their time together?

Oh, yes, a Good Girl and an Alpha Male Bad Boy with a Good Heart. Yum!

For the entire reading of the book, I had the image and voice of Vin Diesel, circa Pitch Black, stuck in my mind for Teague. Decidedly not a bad way to spend an evening.

My one major complaint is the overwhelming number of Krisa's dream sex scenes with an unknown, faceless man (actually Teague, of course). I found myself thinking, "No, please don't let her go to sleep again" while reading. Tightening, and shortening, the story by removing all except, possibly, two or three of those dream sequences would have enhanced my enjoyment of the book.

WARNING: The publisher, Ellora's Cave, gives this book a rating of E for Erotic, meaning there's plenty of steamy sex, including public displays of much more than affection.

My overall personal rating of Planet X is a B.


StephanieD said…
I found myself thinking, "No, please don't let her go to sleep again" while reading - Ha! The mixture of cannibals and big cats with psychic powers is certainly one I haven't heard before.

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