Kismet by Monica Burns

The latest book removed from my TBR pile is Kismet by Monica Burns (2010).

Allegra Synnford is a success at the "when life hands you lemons" game. Sold to a brothel by her mother, she's now a successful courtesan, able to support her niece and choose which men she has as lovers. She's smart and interesting, and she actually befriends the men who support her, helping them advance through her advice.

Traveling to Morocco, Allegra finds herself eventually under the control of Sheikh Shaheen of the Amazigh (think Bedouin). Since Shaheen's actually Viscount Newcastle and currently being sought by his cousin (and a one-time lover of Allegra's), he needs to keep Allegra in order to avoid having his true identity revealed.

Throw in a long-time enemy of Shaheen's who has an interest in revenge and Allegra, and you have a decent mix of adventure and romance.

I wasn't terribly sold on the idea of a romance between the two main characters, though. I didn't really see (feel) that much in the way of chemistry between them. I guess they bonded over their independent natures and the common ground of a troubled family history.

My overall personal rating of Kismet is a B-.


heidenkind said…
You gotta love romances with sheiks, though. Exotic locale, adventure... sold sold sold. :)
@heidenkind--Oh, yes, I'm definitely into the genre!

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