Explosive by Beth Kery

My favorite part of Explosive by Beth Kery (2010) is the cover.

Physician Sophie Gable and investment advisor, and ex-NAVY explosives expert, Thomas Nicasio finally get together at her lake house after months of heated glances and slight interactions. When Tom returns to Chicago after spending the night with her, Sophie follows him to find out what's happening.

Tom's dealing with a lot--the recent deaths of his brother and nephew, his adoptive father's investigation for ties to organized crime, and a case of amnesia that keeps him from even remembering his night with Sophie. For her part, Sophie wants to help him, but she also has guilty feelings about being involved with Tom when he's ill and about the inside information she knows, and shouldn't, from a colleague about his dead brother.

The suspense isn't very suspenseful, at all, and the story drags. The amnesia seems more like a story ploy to justify Tom being a little slow at putting pieces together, and the reader doesn't suffer from the same problem.

WARNING: Very graphic sex scenes included in this book.

My overall personal rating of Explosive is a C+.


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