Blog Everything?

I've been reading a lot of novellas recently. Mainly filled with lots of sex and a little short on, say, character development and plot. Or, really, a lot short on character development and plot.

Sometimes I blog about novellas I particularly like, especially when they're surprisingly well-developed, or as a warning when, for example, I think a novella by a relatively well-known author isn't marketed as being much shorter than his/her usual books while coming with the usual kind of pricing expected for a longer work. Most of the time, though, I don't comment on the shorter works I'm reading.

My questions of the day for you if you're a blogger who writes about what s/he's reading: Do you blog about every book you read? If not, what is/are the reason(s) you choose not to blog about some of the books you read?


ZoĆ« said…
I do try to blog everything I read because I think it gives the best impression of my tastes. That said there is a well known book that I didn't enjoy at all recently, and I have been undecided if I am going to review it. This is one of those cases where I just didn't like it and I'm not sure I want to put the energy into a negative review. That said I feel kinda weird having written reviews for only 25/26 books I've read this year... poor lonely book without a review.
sapphireblue said…
I usually don't blog every book or short story I read, but since your blog is about reading, maybe you should pick a few of them and just put brief reviews in one post.
Anonymous said…
I don't blog about everything I read - just don't have the time! But I do plan on blogging about shorter works like individual short stories.
heidenkind said…
For the most part, yes. Don't read enough to leave books out!

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