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Al Pacino

Fate gave me a kindness last month, leaving me to land on Larry King's interview with Al Pacino. I watched maybe a handful of Larry King shows in my life, so I'm amazed I happened to flip past CNN at the right time to catch one of my all-time favorite actors.

And, yes, he seemed just as interesting in the interview as he always does in his screen roles. The inside tidbits, like the fact that they almost dropped him from The Godfather, how watching Marlon Brandon in On the Waterfront generated his interest in acting, and that he's actully shy (yes, I can see why women flock to him), made this such fun to watch.

Okay, you can move on with your life now that you've had a piece of solid eye candy!


StephanieD said…
I cannot imagine anyone else as Michael Corleone. He has never been sexier as he was in The Godfather - with those passionate eyes...ahhh.
I can't imagine anyone else playing Michael Corleone. He said they didn't really like the way he was doing a slow build on the character, and he was expecting to get fired. Then they filmed the scene in the diner where Michael kills someone for the first time, which is an epic cinema moment.

The rest is classic cinematic history, of course.
sapphireblue said…
"Sunday Morning" had a great interview with him as well if you can find that somewhere.
heidenkind said…
lol I don't think I've ever thought of Al Pacino as eye candy. :)
Thanks for the tip, sapphireblue!

heidenkind, I have to say that I always planned to marry someone Italian-American, entirely because of Al Pacino. Didn't happen that way, but still. . . . I think he's so sexy!!! :)

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