Afghan Women's Project

I haven't posted about guilt-free shopping in a bit, so here's a chance to make a difference in the lives of women and children while also adding a cool t-shirt to your wardrobe. The t-shirt costs $25, plus $4 shipping and handling, and you can pay by credit card or PayPal.

Why Not Guilty? Because there are women--and their young children right along with them--being imprisoned for "moral crimes" like leaving their husbands, most likely not their husbands by choice in the first place, either.

Statistics from the Afghan Women's Project, a site that sells the t-shirt and accepts donations.

Afghan women still have the highest maternal mortality rate. (1 in 7)
82% are illiterate
90% are subjected to domestic abuse
70% of all marriages are forced with 60% of brides under 16, some as young as 6.

I'm just sick thinking that I could live in a country where I had to stay with my husband, regardless of how he treated me, or face a jail sentence for myself and my daughter. And then what happens after release from prison, too?

(Attribution--I first learned about this organization and the t-shirt in the February issue of Marie Claire.)


Anonymous said…
This is a fabulous idea for a gift - for myself! Since my birthday's coming up. There are all sorts of clever sayings on T-shirts out there; this one is sure to inspire curiosity and whoever wears it can relate this important information when asked.
Aw, I love birthdays! Have a very special one. :)

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