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Two postings in a row that mention work. Kind of a record on my part.

I came to work this morning to an unusually stressful day, even for a Monday. There was a water main burst on late Friday that caused a, to quote someone in Maintenance, "waterfall" in the Library. I didn't learn about the situation until this morning.

The damage and loss could have been so much worse, but I still feel the need to say a big "UGH."

My mom, Maya, and I also braved the first holiday open house at "my" hospital ever on Saturday morning. Free breakfast buffet, kids' crafts, carolers, Santa photos, stories with Mrs. Claus, live reindeer for petting, etc. brought a huge crowd. Wall-to-wall people actually.

Saturday afternoon meant the magic reindeer dust workshop at Porridge Papers, our lovely local letterpress, for Maya and me. I had a chance to do a little holiday shopping while Maya created her magic dust.

With the parties and the cold and blowing snow on Saturday, we're certainly in the mood for Christmas now!

Now, to get ready for the gingerbread house decorating party for Maya and some of her friends at our house on this coming Saturday. . . .


sapphireblue said…
Oh my! Was there any damage to the library materials (books, computers, journals), furniture, or flooring?
Anonymous said…
Oh, no! I hope that there was minimal damage. Not a great start for a Monday. But at least you have gingerbread house decorating to look forward to :)
Violet said…
Oh oh, I hope the books there wasn't a lot of damage. Sounds awefull
Fortunately, thanks to the quick action of people like the House Supervisor and members of the Maintenance and Environmental Services departments at the hospital, the damage and loss were kept to a minimum. I lost twenty books and two public access computers.

On a positive note, IT had two new, fast computers in place before the end of the day yesterday. That qualifies as a "silver lining."
Claudia said…
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog Medical Librarian. So, you work at a Library in a Hospital is that right?? I would have loved to work at a Library!

It sounds like you had a blast at the Holiday Open House event at "your" Hospital. Blessings your way and Happy Holidays!


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