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I'm kind of excited. For the first time since, I think, 2000, I'm going to be spending a part of the holidays with both of my sisters at the same time. My sister and nephew in New Mexico fly back on December 28th. Then Maya, my mom, and I drive with them to my other sister's home in Iowa the next day. Then they fly home on January 1st.

The last time all three of us were together was in March 2009, when my mom had her heart surgery. We actually had an amazingly good chat, no kids or spouses or other distractions, during the hours we waited at the hospital. Then my oldest sister had to go back to Iowa for work reasons, so we actually had less than a day all together.

Muffin, the world's cutest Shih tzu, had an interesting day yesterday. Maya and I came home from school and work to find the newsletter from the Capital Humane Society, the place we found Muffin, shredded--paper all over the kitchen floor. Now, Allie, the world's prettiest Rottweiler, (a) eats everything she destroys and (b) has no interest in paper, so this had to be the work of Miss Muffin. It's almost like she knew the source of the newsletter!

Then Muffin went outside and promptly escaped from our gated back yard, as I learned when Allie came to the door to tattle on her. Where was Muffin? In the back yard next door, barking at their Lab mix through her sliding glass door. Amazing how ferocious Muffin can be when she has a door for protection! She pranced home in total elegant pride when I called for her.


Anonymous said…
It sounds like you and your sisters are going to have a lot of gabbing and sharing to do. Have fun!
sapphireblue said…
No repeats of last year's travel adventures. (Sliding on ice)
We didn't even get to our annual movie last Christmas because we had so much snow. My mom didn't make it to our house, even, and she's less than 10 minutes away on a good day. Definitely no repeats, please!!

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