Happy Half-Birthday to Maya!

Maya turned 6 1/2 today. I remember how important half-birthdays were when I was a kid, and, true to form, Maya has been counting down to hers for about the past month.

We plan dinner out somewhere tonight to celebrate. I can't say where because Maya has been too excited to pick a restaurant so far!

Maya's so excited, in fact, that she decided her gingerbread house decorating party on Saturday is actually a half-birthday party. Works for me! I did warn her that she won't be receiving any birthday gifts, though. . . .

Sigh. I love birthdays, and I'm glad Maya does, too.


Anonymous said…
Oh, I love the idea of half-birthday celebrations! ...As long as it doesn't make me older faster, that is.

Happy half-birthday, Maya!
sapphireblue said…
It reminds me of the "Merry Unbirthday" on Alice in Wonderland the Disney cartoon.
Violet said…
A half birthday celebration sounds really cool.

Happy half-birthday to you Maya, have fun!!!
Claudia said…
The half Birthday Celebration does sound fun...a whole year it's too long to wait for kids...I'll be forty next September maybe I should celebrate mine every two years now! lol! Just to slow the process...

Happy half Birthday to Maya!
Happy Half Birthday to Maya from the folks at Halfbirthday.com!

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