Happy Half-Birthday, Muffin!

Muffin before her first groom.

Reposting one of my favorite photos of Maya and a post-groom Muffin.

One of the fun parts of adopting Muffin from our local Humane Society is that Maya could pick her birthday! They told us she was four when we brought her home in August, and Maya decided to give her the day after Maya's own birthday as the official birthday.

So, one day after celebrating Maya's 6 1/2 birthday, we're celebrating Muffin's 4 1/2 birthday!!

How are we celebrating? Well, instead of getting a small piece of the Allie-sized (Allie's our Rottweiler) dog treat this morning, Muffin received her own, whole treat. You should have seen her prance around with this huge biscuit hanging out of both sides of her mouth! She knew it was a special moment.

I'm not sure Maya can improve on the usual lavishment of pets, hugs, and overall love she gives to Muffin, but she's trying!

Thanks for all of the well-wishes for Maya's half-birthday.

To celebrate, we went to Olive Garden, finally chosen by Maya because of the limoncello mousse dolcini dessert, last night, and we picked a couple of names from their giving tree before leaving. We also made it home well before the freezing rain (gross!) hit, fortunately. She had a good half-birthday.


Claudia said…
Oh my! Lots of celebrations for you guys this month! Enjoy your family. My daughter goes back to school on Jan 3rd also.
Anonymous said…
That's one of my favorite photos of Maya and Muffin too. Happy Half-Birthday to Muffin!

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