Devoured by Darkness by Alexandra Ivy

Alexandra Ivy's Devoured by Darkness (2010), the seventh book in her Guardians of Eternity series, is the last book I'll be reading from the series. I found this book even more disappointing than the sixth book, Beyond the Darkness.

The story of Tane, a Charon (vampire assassin in charge of finding and destroying rogue vampires), and Laylah, a half-breed Jinn, which is outlawed, should have been interesting. I've wanted to read Tane's story since he first appeared in the series as a minor character.

There's a lot of running, and a lot of interacting with a multitude of different characters. Too many different characters.

Unfortunately, the book is bogged down with too many competing storylines. Frankly, both storylines that obviously relate to future entries in the series are more interesting than Tane and Laylah's own story. Not what you want to happen in a book, and the entire reason I'm done with this series.

(Slight hedge--if there's ever a book about the gargoyle Levet, though, I'm going to read that one! I love him.)

If you're a Guardians of Eternity fan, I'd love to hear your reaction to the more recent additions to the series.

My overall personal rating of Devoured by Darkness is a C-.


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