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With Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner, don't forget about Small Business Saturday. Yes, in the United States, the Saturday after Thanksgiving is now a day to encourage shoppers to support the small businesses in their community. One statistic I read said that 65% of money spent at a local small business actually stays in your community.

Maya and I spent a little time supporting two of our local businesses, located in Lincoln's Historic Haymarket, this past Sunday. You can see her enjoying some cookie dough ice cream from Ivanna Cone, where kids under 10 get a (huge) scoop of ice cream for $1, tax included. Wow! We also had dinner at my favorite restaurant, Vincenzo's.

I'm sure I can find a business--or two or three--for us to visit on Saturday, too!

Everyone seems to be having their Best Books of 2010 lists up and running. Are you compiling a list of your favorite reads for the year yet? If so, I'd love to see a link to your blog.

A couple of interesting articles related to Facebook came across one of my librarian discussion lists.

From Facebook Makes People More Social: Study:

Contrary to common belief social media websites such as Facebook do not weaken personal ties, they strengthen them in unique ways for different age groups, according to a new study.

From Facebook: 25 Pct of U.S. Traffic and 100+ Million Downloads:

If Facebook isn’t already the largest website ever, it’s sure to get there soon. According to research company Hitwise, nearly one quarter of all U.S. Internet traffic went to Facebook during the week ending Nov. 13, 2010.

For everyone traveling in the U.S. over this holiday week, I wish you the safest of journeys to your destination and on the return home.


Anonymous said…
Very cool message - the small businesses do get overlooked in the snazzy marketing and sales put on by the big stores. Brave of Maya to have ice cream in such cold weather!

I have a Facebook account yet I don't use it that much. I just deleted my Myspace profile, actually. Apart from visiting my favorite blogs, I am not an online socialite. Have you seen the Social Network?
Violet said…
Maya looks like a happy child indeed. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

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