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Maya's happy snow dance on Friday evening, as the flakes fell, helped enough to provide just a frosting of snow for us on Saturday morning. She spent about an hour playing in the snow, brushing off my car, shoveling the grass (only city girls--the sidewalk and driveway were clear, so she had to find something to shovel!), and making a little snowman, and then everything melted later in the day. That's my kind of snow, instead of the kind that stays for weeks and weeks, turning black with dirt and grime in the process.

I'm learning a lot with a Shih tzu in the family. Muffin, aka Little Miss Sunshine, is absolutely undeterred by any kind of scolding. When she's getting a firm lecture about her misbehavior, she just flaps her plush tail, seeming to say, "I'm cute and fluffy, and you know it, so just get over yourself."

Allie, our Rottweiler, would also add that Muffin is either dumb as a rock or likes to listen to herself yap because Muffin barks at my mom, the next door neighbor, and a few other people she should know like she has never seen them before. Allie just looks at her, "Hullo? That's Grandma, you idiot." I'm sure she's missing her previous little dog companion, who actually had a firm grasp on what constituted a true threat!

Do you ever find books you read at relatively the same time getting intertwined in your mind? During the past week, I've read Life, the Keith Richards memoir, and Jane, April Lindner's modern take on Jane Eyre, including reimagining the Rochester role as an aging rock star. Maybe it's not too surprising that I had Richards firmly in place as the aging rock star while reading Jane, though it felt a little weird that I couldn't shake my mental casting. I can't say I'd ever put him in mental place as the original Rochester.

Blog postings on both books to follow soon, of course.


sapphireblue said…
That's been done so many times. I just don't like when you mess with a classic. There are exceptions of course. Clueless was a remake of Emma that I really loved.
I can't disagree with you. Jane Austen books, in particular, seem to get redone in one way or another way too often.

I enjoyed Clueless, too, and I really did enjoy Jane, though Jane Eyre is definitely better. :)
Anonymous said…
Keith Richards as Mr. Rochester? I am having difficulty picturing him as that character - but that would be unique casting.
@StephanieD--I know it seems really odd, but the circa 1975 Keith Richards really works as Nico Rathburn, this incarnation as Rochester. Or, it worked for me, anyway, because I couldn't shake the image!

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