Things I Believe to be True about Love Relationships

I actually love making and reading lists, and I haven't done one in a long time for a blog posting.

Here are some random things I believe to be true about love relationships:

1. I don't believe that there's only, or necessarily even, One True Love for each person.

2. Giving your future wife your mother's engagement ring when your parents' marriage ended in divorce is the wrong way to start your life together.

3. Respecting each other's interests and hobbies is more important than actually sharing them.

4. If s/he isn't faithful before a marriage/"permanent" commitment, it's only going to get worse afterwards.

5. Getting a tattoo with a spouse/significant other's name is a death knell for the relationship.

6. Romantic love is over-rated in Western society. Other kinds of love are often undervalued.

7. Someone who can make you laugh, especially when you're angry or frustrated, is worth keeping around.

8. Children are indescribably hard on a relationship.

9. If something happened with my marriage, I wouldn't remarry.

10. There's a reason the love stories end with either the start of sharing each other's love or a wedding. There's a lot of work and sadness and trying times that come later if you want to hold a relationship together.

What about you? What would you put on your list?


sapphireblue said…
Getting pregnant to save a relationship does not work.

If you have to give a person an ultamatum to marry you, you have not found the right person.
StephanieD said…
#5 is sooo true! It's tempting fate - you're basically begging the love gods to screw up your relationship so you look like an idiot with a now permanent reminder of your failed love.
Violet said…
well I have been married for only about a year (Nov 27 is out 1st anniversary) so I cannot really make a list. But it was interesting to read your points
@sapphireblue--Love those, especially the one about pregnancy, which, sadly, happens often.

@StephanieD--I'm a big believer in not tempting fate on a lot of levels. :) You said that exactly right.

@Violet--I can't believe you're already about to celebrate your first anniversary. I'm so happy for you, especially as you shared with your blog readers the difficult journey you had to be together!!!

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