Richard Armitage

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Okay, I admit it. I had no idea who Richard Armitage was, and I finally Binged (like Googled) him after reading at least my third blog posting from a blogger who wanted to "marry him and have lots of sex and babies" (to steal a Rickman line from Love, Actually).

Looking through the photos, I wasn't really seeing anything to generate that level of interest. Then I started looking through the scenes from North & South on YouTube.

Please click here to see the final scene of North & South, set in a train station. This is one of my all-time favorite on-screen kisses, and now I see why Richard Armitage is worthy of a serious eye candy rating.


sapphireblue said…
I wouldn't have know who he was either, but I love the scene.
Sasha said…
Well you'll definitely get a lot more hits on your blog with a post about Richard Armitage!!! Totally sexy!!! Yay! But I also really hope that you have watched the whole of North and South, not just the end - it's well worth it.
jojolynn said…
It has been said that his role in N&S is one to rival Colin Firth's Mr. Darcy. Having seen both movies many times I have to agree, he is phenomenal in the role. You really need to see the whole movie if you haven't(try Netflix).It's WONDERFUL!
Claudia said…
Hi! Came to your blog via Dear Micaela! So is North and South the name of this film? very romantic and that guy rally eye candy! I'd love to read your posts! I'm a follower now!
Claudia said…
Don't really see a follow button but I'll come and visit you!
Anonymous said…
Ummm, okay I had to stop watching that video as it was getting me too intrigued ... and I'm at work

I'll come back to Richard when I'm home.

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